TPCM understands crisis management                                            Why? Because we've been there

“There cannot be a crisis today; my schedule is already full” Henry Kissenger

No organisation is immune from crisis events. A crisis may hit an organisation in the shape of strategic errors, technological failures, industrial accidents, product recall, natural disaster – any or all of these can serious affect productivity, The safety of staff, the organisations reputation and ultimately the bottom line.

Effective crisis management is essential for all organisations to successfully respond to and recover from severe critical incidents and emergencies and is a recognised cornerstone of best practice business management. The Chinese characters for crisis consist of two main characters and importantly two main concepts, one is opportunity and the other danger. TPCM will help you to grasp the opportunities and minimise the dangers that arise from a crisis.

What we do

  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Organisation Vulnerability Mapping
  • Crisis Management Plan Auditing and TestingCrisis