The mismanagement of critical incidents can have a devastating impact on life, property and the environment but also on stakeholder perception and ultimately the bottom line.

A coordinated, effective and efficient incident management and the subsequent response to and recovery from an incident is crucial to mitigating the impacts of an event and ensuring a speedy return to business as usual.

Incident management is essential not only for those on the organisational ‘front line’, but for senior management, executive and boards. Having worked in these arenas during critical incidents, crisis and disaster events, TPCM understands the importance of managing both the operational and the organisational risks.

We work with you to ensure roles, responsibilities and communication links align with best practice but most importantly fits within your organisations existing structure.

What we do

  •  Incident Management Protocol Writing
  •  Incident Management Plan Writing
  •  Incident Management Training
  •  Incident Management System and Plan Review
  •  Incident Management System and Plan Auditing
  •  Incident Management Framework Development
  •  Incident Management Leadership Workshops
  •  Incident Management Master Classes